I was given Ben by Alan Heaton at the English National Trials in 2007.  Alan was unable to give him the work he needed so he offered him to me to help out on the project.  He was quite unfit when I got him, and he is quite old!  But he has come up to fitness really well, and since going to live with my assistant Phil, he has gone from strength to strength.  Everyone remarks that he looks more like an eight year old dog than a twelve year old.  In fact I ran him at a couple of sheep dog trials and he did quite well, although his hearing can be a bit suspect.  How much of that is down to him ignoring commands and how much is down to true deafness I can't be sure!

Ben has a lovely temperament, very sweet natured.  He can get a little excited when the sheep fly about, and sometimes takes things into his own paws, but generally he is a good, reliable worker.  

Ben is not registered with the ISDS, although he could be Registered on Merit, as Alan and he won trials together and we know his pedigree (someone somewhere knows his pedigree!).  We would need to get his health tests done too, but I'm not sure if it's something Alan would be happy for us to do.

More photographs and hopefully a pedigree to follow later....

Ben's Profile
Date of Birth: Unknown at the moment
Personality: A bit of a madhead
Colour: Black and white