Sex: Female   Hips: 7:7 TNS DNA: Clear/Normal
 Current Clear
eye cert
Breeder: WT Roberts CEA DNA: Carrier
BAER test pass CL DNA: Clear/Normal

Fly is a new addition to the kennel, I am hoping to breed a litter from her and do some nursery trials over the winter.  She is a lovely worker - very keen and slightly plain in style, but this means she is very free moving and easy to handle.

She has plenty of push, which is what my sheep require, and she will come in very useful with the different work we do in the area now....

Pedigree for Fly
Border Collie

Astra Spot


WT Roberts

Smooth BW

Astra Lad 224917

M Steedman

Rough BW

Jim 207736
Miss J Craven

Rough BWT
Glen 148742
R Edwards
Jessie 194023
Mrs JM Grant

Gwen 194978
Miss J Beale

Rough BW
Moss 164292
J Williams
Meg 150204
E Owen

Kim 227351

Miss J Beale

Smooth BWT

Eryri Roi 204258
RV Hughes

Rough BWT
Ben 129820
A Owen
Pip 192518
Mrs A Roberts

Bute 191203
RT Gibson

Smooth BWT
Don 127287
J Roberts
Meg 173722
DL Williams

Fly 254420

WT Roberts

Rough BWT

Ben 235217

TW Japp

Rough BWT

Roy 220947
JG Grant

Rough BWT
Corrie 153130
KC Mackinnon
Jill 190571
JG Grant

Rhosfa Jill 183614
JG Grant

Bwlch Taff 113243
Miss CS Jones
Gypsy 130307
D Rees

Bet 230544

Mrs L Woodyatt

Rough BW

Lad 214439
M Evans

Rough BW
Mirk 167213
RE Jones
Fan 194518
HG Williams

Dell 207355

ED Price
Wisp 161487
R Dalziel Int Sup Ch
Jen 166458
Mrs N Lloyd

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