Russ has turned into the most fantastic working dog.  He is so enthusiastic, and loves to work.  He is naturally kind to the sheep, but will nose bite if necessary.  I can leave him in the pens and he only pushes the sheep up when I ask, spending the rest of the time relaxing and is not fazed by all the sheep staring at him!

Russ helping out in the pens at Weaning time.

Russ as a puppy.....

I saw Russ's father Max on a video on the Lyndhurst kelpie site, and I was very impressed.

I then went to the NSA Sheep South show, and Kevin was there with Max doing a couple of demos.

I also saw Russ's mother Izzy in action and one thing led to another.....

I brought this one home with me.  

Funnily enough, his two brothers have both gone to homes with shepherds that I trial alongside down here in the south.  We will be able to compare notes as they grow up!

After a week I took Russ to watch the pens of sheep while we were footbathing.  He looked like he wanted a piece of the action so I let him have a little go!

Pedigree coming soon....

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