BAER test pass   Hips: 2:2
Total 4
CEA Normal by parentage Current Clear eye cert
Breeder: Laura Cunningham TNS Normal Glaucoma UNAFFECTED Carries merle, tricolour, red and dilute

Breac is beautifully made and he is exceptional in his will to please and his speed at learning.  He is well boned and has superb construction as you can see in the photograph below.

This is how a border collie should move!
Breac is my best work dog - he is tireless, brave and loves to work.  He is also doing well in trials - when I get the chance to go to them!

Picture copyright Suzy Woolston 2010

Photo: Sarah Walker 2011

Photo: Sarah Walker

Photo:Sarah Walker


Breac is a slate merle tricolour - so he is a diluted version of Coire's colouring.  

Breac came from Laura Cunningham in Scotland.  Laura's site can be found here  
Breac has shown himself to be a very good natured young dog.  He is not afraid of anything or anyone and takes life very much in his stride.  He is very quick to relax in many situations and his favourite things in life are working, eating, drinking water and sleeping - in that order!  He is a very faithful dog and does not like me to leave him, but is uncomplaining if I do.  He has the most delightful nature, and once we had established who was in charge when it came to work, he has been a dream to train.

Corriedhu Breac.
Astra Ghost (ISDS 260359)
L. Cunningham
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