Sex: Female   Hips: 9:5 CEA Normal  Current Clear PRA Certificate
Breeder: Mr T & Mrs P Buxton TNS Normal Glaucoma UNAFFECTED Carries merle and tricolour

Coire's litter with Craig born on the 10th March 2009 can be found here


Having only 3 legs doesn't stop Coire from enjoying an active life.



Coire came to me from Pauline and Trevor  Buxton.  She is the daughter of a bitch called Gwynne who came from the states to retire with Pauline and have a last litter.  I was interested in a pup from this litter as Gwynne is descended from my mum's breeding.  Look at this picture of her as a pup, such an innocent looking thing, little did I know!


So when I heard that a blue merle tricolour bitch had been born I was keen to have her.  Fortunately Pauline let me have Coire and she is wonderful.   I should have known she would be trouble when she screamed her head off for the entire one and a half hour journey home.

Sadly in September 2007 Coire was hit by a car and sustained a dislocated hip and nerve damage to her neck which resulted in a paralysed front leg.  Eventually after trying for nearly a year to restore function to the leg I decided to have it amputated.  This was the right thing to do, as immediately Coire was more confident and was racing around in no time.  Now she is back at work full time.  I was very worried about having her hips scored and went to the best vet in the country for hip scoring to make sure it got done right!  This involved a journey of 5 hours, but it was worth it as it came back with a score of 14, which is the breed average.  The vet said there was evidence of bone scarring and repositioning due to the luxation of the joint, so the score would have been lower had it not been for her accident.  This means I can go ahead and breed the first 'Cories' merles in many years!

Coire getting back to work

Coire was having regular hydrotherapy in Lewes and my friend Eileen very kindly lent me her small hydrotherapy pool for which I rented a garage.  Here is Coire at Lewes swimming hard into the jets in Lewes.  

Coire in the steam

She really didn't enjoy hydrotherapy when she started, but she got more relaxed about it all.  Now she loves to swim and leaps into every body of water we come across!

Coire and I took part in the first revised KC herding test in October 2008.  She had been running well beforehand, but the occasion got to her and she looked like a deer in the headlights!  She just didn't know what to do with herself with all the people watching!  We completed the course but the judges felt she needed more time.  I need to practise in front of crowds of people!

Coire's Profile
DOB: 27/05/2006
Personality: Hyper, cheeky
Colour: Blue merle tricolour

Pedigree for Meisterwerk Morning Cloud
Border Collie

Tosari Baroque of Kaeleon
AW (B)

Detania Summersam Of Tosari

Sh Ch Caristan Champers JW
Mizanne The Perno Of Caristan (ISDS 152887)
Detania Emeraulde Of Caristan

Detania Patti (ISDS 177794)
Sh Ch Lethans Hopeful Flame (ISDS 135892) JW
Detania Giglet (ISDS 168335)

Detania Brazen

Detania Poseidon (ISDS 215742)
Sh Ch Detania Jacktar From Robbinia (ISDS 214905) JW
Detania Fenicks (ISDS 193180)

Detania Sea Maiden
Sh Ch Detania Jacktar From Robbinia (ISDS 214905) JW
Detania Flyte
Sairiebright Gwynne DC

Am Ch Bessamour D'ltan Azure CDex
Wizaland Newz Daily
Sh Ch Wizaland Mcintosh
Sh Ch NZ Ch Francesca Of Clan-Abby
Cories China At Eldan Sh Ch NZ Ch Clan-Abby Blue Aberdoone
Sadghyl Merrye At Cories 
Am Ch Roostie Mottie Mystery
Griselle Kachina Sadghyl Shadow (ISDS 115097)
Nessa Magic 

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