Sex: Female   Hips: 3:4 CEA Normal  Current Clear
eye cert
Breeder: Mrs S Bell TNS Normal Carries red and tricolour Glaucoma UNAFFECTED

Elsie arrived in mid- October 2007.  She is a strong and feisty young bitch who is very keen to work.  She is ideal for moving  stubborn sheep!  

Elsie came from Laura Cunningham in Scotland.  Laura's site can be found here  

Elsie is doing well in her training and in work. She returned to Laura in the autumn of 2008 to have a litter of puppies, her first. The puppies can be seen here

She is capable of moving anything and is maturing into a really useful working dog.

She is a good looking bitch and her working style is very classy.  

Pedigree for Canen Elsie
Border Collie

Eryri Roy (ISDS 249362)
Roy (ISDS 220770)
Hope (ISDS 158875) Chief (ISDS 120006)
Fly (ISDS 121366)
Gael (ISDS 184778) Ben (ISDS 150985)
Lyn (ISDS 169851)
Eryri Fly (ISDS 214310)

Eryri Roy (ISDS 204258) Ben (ISDS 129820)
Pip (ISDS 192518)
Bute (ISDS 191203) Don (ISDS 127287)
Meg (ISDS 173722)
Titch (ISDS 236878) 
Sadghyl Pip Me To Comebye (ISDS 193219)
Sadghyl Cairn (ISDS 169884) Sadghyl Dyke (ISDS 139107)
Sadghyl Coll (ISDS 107824)
Beck (ISDS 165084) Shep (ISDS 129901)
Lassie (ISDS 152003)
Gyl (ISDS 222145) Gel (ISDS 145096) Don (ISDS 108889)
Spotan (ISDS 134842)
Meg (ISDS 172924) Vic (ISDS 128240)
Sian (ISDS 158519)

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