BAER test pass   Hips: 5:7 TNS: Normal  Current Clear Eye Certificate
Breeder: JE James CEA Normal
Trained by: John Porter
Carries tricolour

Photo: Sarah Walker

Photo: Sarah Walker

I had asked John  Porter to look out for a dog for me.  This was before I lost Rose.  Then I heard nothing for a while, assumed he had forgotten and got Elsie to replace Coire in my work dogs (at the time I wasn't sure she'd be able to work again), and Breac as a follower-on.  This took me up to 5 dogs - a couple more than I thought I would have.  Then out of the blue John Porter said he had a nice bitch for me to look at.  I had decided that 6 was my absolute limit so went to have a look, thinking she had better be good because I will only fill that 6th spot with a very very good dog.

Meg has an outstanding outrun, lift and fetch, she needs very little commanding and this seems to be the best way to handle her!  As soon as I start interfering it all gets a bit difficult, but we are getting there!

Meg Open trial Results
6th place Romney Marsh
6th place Sussex Sheepdog Society
3rd Place Cotswold Open
6th place Wessex, winner of Ladies trophy and Shepherd's cup
1st place Broad Campden local trial (non-qualifying)

Pedigree for Meg 281531

JE James
Gilfach Jack
Mrs J Simmons
Glen 185958 Tallie 157476
Tracelyn Dolly 131482
Gay 210179 Chip 151557
Queen 157494
Miss R Fahimi
Gilfach Liz
Mac 187805 Mac 116944
Nell 165989
Gwen 193324 Tweed 142002
Nell 124436

JE James
JE James
Scott 218388 Glen 169619
Jet 163135
Jen 233244 Joe 207359
Nia 195244
JE James
Jock 158606 Ben 123761
Jet 110954
Jill 173537 Bwlch Taff 113243
Fly 137075

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