Coire x Craig Due on 08/03/09

Progress reports....
Luna's second look at sheep....

....enjoying herself!

Looking classy!
Luna has had some places in Pre-beginner and beginner obedience, she seems to have a promising future ahead of her...

Flash has grown into a very handsome young dog

He is very balanced and mature physically, but still quite a baby mentally!  He is taking part in flyball and very much enjoying it.

Unfortunately for him, he inherited his mother's ears!

He reminds me of some of the superb Border Collies we used to have in the show ring about 20 years ago.

Look at this handsome boy!  What lovely pictures.

Toast is clearly a bit of a poser...

Gwen says "he is such a lovely boy, getting even better by the day...
I am taking his training slowly as he has a lot of physical maturing to do" - quite right too, there's no hurry for perfection!

1st May.  The last photo of all the pups together....
Last time together!
Flash (left) goes to his new home tomorrow.  Toast is going next week, and Luna(tic) has been at her new home for over a week and is living up to her name.  I look forward to hearing about how these puppies progress in their new homes and posting pictures of them as they grow up.

16th April
Guess who's got a new camera??!!
Snip has been supercute enough to win the heart of his new owner.  he will be going to Devon to do agility and obedience (and maybe a little bit of sheepwork?).  He was given a new toy and immediately took it for a gallop around the yard.  He is not letting it out of his sight now!  Well, maybe just long enough to have his breakfast (a chicken wing) - sorry Gwen, he's definitely a carnivore!

now has a lovely home.  He is such a lovely boy, so willing to please, he will make a super active companion to the family who is having him.  Meanwhile, he is absolutely no trouble to have around....

- the self appointed spokespup for the litter.  She is their Union Representative and Forepup, complaining about conditions and food, and keeping the other pups in order.

OK, still a little blurry even on sports mode - these are fast puppies!

13th April 2007
At 5 weeks this lot are running riot!  They are huge and very energetic, very cute though!  They love their food - rice pudding, meat and puppy meal, goats milk and chicken carcasses.

Flash is available.  He is a very sweet dog, loves people and is full of fun and energy!

Luna has a home thanks!  It's right what they say about naughty spots though, so Ruth will have her hands full!

Older Photos...

He likes eating watch straps...


Looking for mischief with his sister...


Puppies are 3 weeks old and they are starting to explore and develop their own little personalities!  They are like little round pillows, Coire is doing them very well indeed!
They have also started to eat solid food.  They like it very much indeed!
Give us meat! Nom nom nom nom nom!

.  Snip has generated some interest, he may have a home, but don't be afraid to ask as nothing is guaranteed....

Flash.  Where's my mummy....?  Flash is available to the right home....

Blaze.  Blaze says she has a home therefore would like to be mysterious and hide in the daffodils...

Earlier pics of the pups....
Snip.  His eyes are open, he just chooses to be asleep for his photos!  Snip is available to the right home.

Flash.  What a cutie!  Flash is available to the right home.

Blaze.  Blaze has a home and she will be doing sheepwork and working trials.

Puppies are now 8 days old, they are about to open their eyes.  We got them out into the sunshine for some individual photos.
Dog 1 - 'Snip'

Dog 2 - 'Flash'

Bitch - 'Blaze'

10/03/2009 Puppies have arrived!
Three black tricolours - two dogs, one bitch.

Left to right 2nd Dog, Bitch, First Dog

Dog 1

Bitch (above)

Dog 2 (above)
Dog 1 (below)

Dog 1

Dog 1

Dog 1 (left) and bitch


Dog 2