FlyxBreac born 17th October 2009

Storm is living it up in Jersey.  Here he is sunbathing (yes he does live in the UK - just!) with his friend Elli.

Leila is having a wonderful time in County Durham.  She is growing up to look like her mum...

is getting more and more handsome in Utah

Mint is in Leicestershire and is going to do agility and herding when she grows up.  Apparently she is eating for England to hurry things along.

is the most entertaining little pup and is a delight to have around.  Fingers crossed he likes sheep!

Lex is settling in well in Surrey, getting on with his fellow canines and dreaming about the day he can do agility

Fae lives nearby in Sussex and is going to be a cattle and sheep dog when she grows up.  Which will be soon by the look of her!

Ola lives with my butcher.....

Ola is much happier now, she gets meat!  She is finding her way around the farm and meeting all the animals.

Go here to see a picture of the pups as a litter